Glorious costumes for Busgy Malone

Junior Tallulah Hoods

This show needs to sparkle and shine! You need a bit of glam and glitz to give your production a real 'WOW' factor. In fact, you need loads of costumes (and some need to be splurgable!) We can help you with this. We've collected many wonderful costumes for you to use in your show - ranging from the shiny fringed dresses, the longer glam dresses with boas or capes and many 1920s style flapper dresses. There are suits for boys and girls and you can cover them with splurge (just follow the cleaning instructions if you do). Some trilbies and headbands are also included in the hire. You can hire more of everything from us if you need to.

NOTE: For 2019 we are re-vamping our hires, adding things and offering a more versatile costume hire.
Details will appear as we compile them - contact us for up to date information!

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"I just wanted to say a big thank you to OffBeat Theatre for providing top class costumes and props. The guns were a huge source of excitement and fun and at the end of the show almost every child in the audience wanted to fire one! The quality of the costumes was excellent. We had a very good variety of sizes and looks, ample for everyone in our large cast. Thanks once again for adding to our amazing experience."
Lee Brown, St Clere's School

We can send our costumes to the UK (obviously) and usually anywhere in EUROPE. We do not send costumes beyond Europe though - ever. Beyond Europe and it becomes very costly and time-consuming (plus the whole 'exporting' hoop to jump through). Sorry.

We are upgrading and changing the hires to make them more versatile, but they can include:
Suits - for girls and boys
Ties (black/white)
Jackets (including a Blousey jacket)
Cloche hats
Flat caps
Black dresses
Dresses various colours/styles/lengths
Sets of Shiny Fringed Showgirl dresses with headbands
Sets of matching fringed dresses in gold/black or purple with headbands
Sets of longer length glam dresses in purple/lilac or pink
Tallulah longer length glam dresses
Faux fur stoles
Beads, Headbands, Headdresses, Gloves

Details of the NEW options for 2019 will appear shortly.
Meanwhile you can CONTACT BUGSY HIRE to talk through your requirements.

We can probably help - we have loads of spare costumes. Just get in touch and we'll see if we can put a hire together for you.

And now? or maybe

Check out our collection of photos and drawings to help you design your own Bugsy Malone stage set, get the props right and find the right style of costumes.
Many of the photos are from our own production and some of the costumes are actually still going!
Please have a browse and feel free to pin anything you like onto your own pin board - it's a great way to get your design ideas organised.

You can also go to our page for pics of our current hire costumes.
Just let us know what you need - we love helping out!