Bugsy packages and prices

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The big question! How much will it all cost?
We have tried to make this an affordable high quality Bugsy hire without too much paperwork or complicated conditions and this is how it works:

Note: For each hire we also require an additional payment (cheque preferred) of between £100 - £250 as a Security Deposit. We do not bank this, we return it to you after the hire has finished. This amount is NOT part of the hire costs noted below.

Hire GUNS and Costumes with 30 cans of SPLURGE for 2 weeks: £800
Hire GUNS and Costumes with 30 cans of SPLURGE for 1 week: £600
Hire GUNS for 2 weeks with 30 cans of SPLURGE: £400
Hire GUNS for 1 week with 30 cans of SPLURGE: £300
Hire COSTUMES for 2 weeks: £500
Hire COSTUMES for 1 week: £360

You can opt to hire 2 sets of costumes if you wish - we'll quote for that if you do.
We have HEAPS of spare costumes, so even if all the package hires are out we may be able to help out

EUROPE: Costumes only. Sorry, but we cannot ship our splurge guns (or splurge) abroad - Mainland UK only - no exceptions. I know it seems unfair but couriers will not, and sometimes cannot, ship aerosol cans and things that look like they might be guns on a scanner. Ask for a quote for costumes to Europe.
REST OF WORLD: Sorry. Really sorry. We get lots of enquiries but costs & time involved (plus 'export' hoops to jump through etc) make it far too expensive and complicated.

Firstly, we book up a long way ahead for those precious end of term dates! Even if it's a year away, do get in touch.
I'll also send you a list of costumes with sizes. This gives you an opportunity to see if the hire is right for you. You can add to your hire by HIRING accessories or extra costumes.
When you contact us we'll pencil your dates in if they're free.
Then we invoice for a £50 deposit to secure the hire. This is a portion of your hire fee and does get banked.
We keep this deposit if you cancel within one month of your show dates. For any other cancellation we return £30 and keep a £20 admin fee
Nearer the time I'll invoice for the whole amount and request a SECURITY DEPOSIT which is not banked unless we need to replace or repair guns or costumes
We arrange a delivery day and your boxes of Bugsy goodies will arrive between 9am - 5.30pm.
We pick up from you on our arranged date, check everything back in and return your deposit (hopefully!)

All prices include delivery both ways which we will organise
We do not make reductions on these prices, they are already pretty good!
We require payment and security deposit before the hire goes out
We service the guns and wash costumes as part of the hire.
We charge for missing/damaged items
The security deposit gets banked, with your agreement, if we need to replace/repair above and beyond the included servicing/washing.

You can HIRE EXTRA dresses, showgirl dresses, suits, boa dresses and some accessories. Please contact us with your additional requirements. We may also be able to supply a large bag of jewellery (subject to availability)

You can buy additional cans at £3 each. Additional delivery charges may apply depending on how many cans you need!

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