Costumes and Guns for Bugsy Malone

A fantastic value package for your show!

What do we offer?
Splurge guns
Backfiring gun
Cloche hats
Day dresses
Flapper dresses
Evening style dresses with capes or boas
Fringed showgirl dresses
Strings of pearls
Chokers and bracelets
Some old 'down 'n' out bits and pieces
Courier delivery both ways
A super friendly, helpful service!

The wonderful photos are courtesy of Seamus Bryans at - a fantastic looking bunch of Hoods and a beautiful Tallulah, using Bugsy Hire costumes and accessories!

We can offer a few different packages and we think they are very reasonable and affordable. We've produced this play ourselves - we know how difficult it is to costume (bearing in mind the 'splurge' aspect of the show...) Check out the links above to see exactly what we offer.

PS: Before you commit to a hire make sure you have the performing rights sorted out. They are controlled by Faber Music Ltd - email Faber Music Ltd here to arrange permission for your show, payment of performing rights and hire of the score. The script you can buy from them or anywhere else.

"Thank you so much for all you have done, we will definately use you again if we do future productions of Bugsy Malone"
Sue Williams, Stage 4 Productions

"All costumes were great and well labelled which when dealing with costumes for a cast of over 150 young people was a huge help. Splurge guns worked perfectly every night, fantastic. The costume and gun package represented great value for money."
Gemma Clough, Sunderland Empire

"Absolutely brilliant!! Couldn't fault a thing. All the costumes came and splurge guns, all in great condition, and when there were any problems communication was brilliant. An absolutely faultless service that I would highly recommend to anyone putting on any production, especially Bugsy Malone. You won't find a better deal or service anywhere else!"
Matt Birkett, Grey College, Fountains Theatre Co. Durham

For style ideas for set, props and costumes you can browse our Bugsy pin board on Pinterest.
We pinned up ideas for your stage set from our own production as well as pics of a 1920s speakeasy. Art Deco design ideas and hand made props.
The costume ideas take up most of the space - from stunning vintage dresses, dress patterns and our own costumes (the ones you can hire)
Please have a browse and feel free to pin anything you like onto your own pin board.